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Welcome to the IDDA certification system. With the following form you can certify your student after he/she has met all aplicable IDDA standards for the course..

Please fill out all fields completely and correctly. Subsequent changes are not possible. Please pay particular attention to the correct spelling of the names.

On the following pages you have to enter all the necessary data of the student, as well as all information about the completed diving course.

Student details

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Course details

Which course should be certified?

Below you can choose the course to be certified. You can only certify one course at a time.

Please note the course descriptions of the IDDA: You may only breed courses that you are entitled to based on your own trainer qualification. If you have any questions, please contact the IDDA headquarters  or your Course Director.

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Details zum Tauchlehrer und Tauchcenter

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The certification of a diver is subject to a fee. By submitting the form, you accept that the certification fee will be charged according to the current IDDA price list.


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