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Apnoe Diving

You like to marvel at the underwater world without technical adds, then this is the right course for you.

The beginnings of apnea began with the age of people to e.g. get food, people dived without any aids and stayed underwater for some time.

People no longer have to get their food in this way, but the demand for apnea courses is constantly increasing and rightly so!

During the training you will improve your swimming skills a lot, and your safety in the water will be strengthened by breathing, relaxation and pressure equalization exercises.

This not only brings success in your apnea training very quickly, but also strengthens your skills in scuba diving. Due to the different levels (1-3) in apnea diving, it is always possible to further educate yourself and expand your limits, up to the IDDA apnea (1-3) trainer.

Required Certification: No prior certification required
Minimum age: 12 years
Located in: Speciality courses

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