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Service is a popular word as an advertisement for one's own cause, only to really implement it, it also requires a great willingness to invest money and, above all, time.

We at IDDA think that as a diving organization you must do more than provide advertising and training material.

With the utmost conviction, we therefore set high standards for ourselves and offer a significantly expanded service:

  • We are available 365 days a year
  • Free business advice
  • Commission goods for our partners
  • Huge pool of diving equipment for hire
  • Favorable trade fair presentation for partners on our stands
  • Post goods at unbelievably low prices
  • Further training according to BGU first aid and lifeguard

and a few other relevant points, especially important to us, above all, a good, positive, and honest community.

The list is not just empty words, but the benchmark for us and consequently healthy IDDA partners by our side.

Every diver can therefore visit an IDDA college and be sure that he will be well looked after there.


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IDDA is full member of RSTC Europe

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