IDDA and the environment

For divers, the protection of the environment, and of course especially the oceans, should be a matter of course. As a diving organization we have gone one step further: All IDDA certifications are made of recycled plastic cards, the recycled plastic comes from the sea.

According to current estimates, one truckload of plastic waste ends up in the world's oceans every minute. Extrapolated, that is more than 10 million tons a year! With the SAVEtheOCEAN-Card, we work with you to help combat marine pollution and protect the environment.

99% of every single card is made from PVC reclaimed from the ocean. An extensive recycling process is used to create new cards from the material obtained, which can now be used with a clear conscience. The quality of the SAVEtheOCEAN card is equivalent to that of a conventional plastic card. It can be printed individually.

Every kilo of PVC extracted from the sea not only counteracts environmental pollution; In addition, 2 kg of CO2 are saved as no new PVC must be produced. The material, our "green plastic", is certified and notarized by the Federal Association of Printing and media.


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