About us

Great Team – Great Spirit – Great to be IDDA

We don't want to bore you with a list of people, because you are the most important to us.

Everyone has his or her own skills and using them correctly is our strength.

Our motivated team, which is constantly being expanded, makes sure that as a partner of diving we provide a good service and support you in the best possible way.


We are fully aware of our responsibility and therefore we do more and care for our customers, instructors and centre on a high level.

We love diving and interacting with people and you will quickly recognise this in every IDDA member.

We hope you will find yourself in these words and of course we welcome you warmly.

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Important notice:

In order to do better justice to the special sense of community and the inclusion work of the IDDA and to communicate this more clearly to the outside world, we will merge the two logos of the subdivisions of the IDDA and in future will only appear with the uniform blue IDDA logo.


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IDDA is full member of RSTC Europe

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